Autumn Festival

A beautiful late summer or not, with the Autumn Festival bouquet you bring the best of late summer into your home. A beautiful bouquet with daily fresh flowers. The different varieties of chrysanthemums in their beautiful autumn colours thank the summer and welcome autumn. Indeed, chrysanthemums symbolise gratitude.

Autumn Festival

(9 customer reviews)

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* Depending on availability, the flowers may differ slightly from the photo

9 reviews for Autumn Festival

  1. Margaret Kruijer (Australia) (verified owner) -

    I ordered flowers and chocolate from Australia and was extremely happy.
    However, beautiful flowers and delivered on time.
    I was kept informed at all times with the delivery of my order.
    I really suck at using this company again.

    • Kelly Wiersema -

      Hi Margaret. Thank you very much! We are very happy that you are satisfied with our service.

  2. Phi Promotions BV (verified owner) -

    Top arranged and a beautiful bouquet!

    • Kelly Wiersema -

      Hi Marcel. Thanks!

  3. Ivo Winnubst (verified owner) -

    Perfectly arranged and a beautiful bouquet

    • Kelly Wiersema -

      Hi Ivo. Thank you very much!

  4. Ellen (verified owner) -

    The bunch was positively received by the birthday boy. I myself thought it was too red. I missed the yellow elements in it. I had chosen this bouquet just for that. Delivery was fine.

    • Kelly Wiersema -

      Hi Ellen. Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Albert (verified owner) -

    Top quality and good service

    • Kelly Wiersema -

      Hi Albert. Thank you very much!

  6. Antoino (verified owner) -

    Beautiful surprising bouquet

    • Kelly Wiersema -

      Hi Antonio. We are very happy that you are satisfied!

  7. Maarten (verified owner) -

    Bouquet is really beautiful.
    Delivery super arranged.
    Thank you!

  8. Rikken Living and Sleeping (verified owner) -

    Perfectly organised

  9. Joke (verified owner) -

    The bouquet in the picture looks beautiful and that is why I wanted this bouquet, although it has a different description. So I called, the bouquet that was delivered was indeed the right bouquet and at least as beautiful as in the picture!!! I ordered just before 1pm, but the bouquet was neatly delivered the same day! (Though to the neighbours, but that all turned out fine:)

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