Celebrate spring!

Hooray! Tulip season has arrived again and that means only one thing: a house full of flowers! Celebrate the beginning of spring with this colourful collection of tulips, of course.

Celebrate spring!

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* Depending on availability, the flowers may differ slightly from the photo

2 reviews for Vier de Lente!

  1. J. Mentink (verified owner) -

    Fine bunch of flowers. Nice and big.
    There was extra greenery in between, but not those twigs. I thought that was a shame, just makes that bunch so playful (pictured).

  2. Esther (verified owner) -

    The image of the bouquet you ordered shows double tulips in variegated colours. Unfortunately, you have received plain tulips in variegated colours.
    Besides, I found that in the picture the recipient sent, the tulips were already quite droopy.
    Delivered on the right day, though.

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