Royal couple

Purple tulips have been assigned clear meanings: generous, royal and tranquillity. You don't see purple tulips very often, which makes this bunch of flowers only meant for a very special person. Your princess or prince on the white horse, for example.

Royal couple

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* Depending on availability, the flowers may differ slightly from the photo

9 reviews for Koningspaar

  1. J. Van Rietschoten (verified owner) -

    Ronald &Annegre were very pleased with their beautiful king bouquet
    delivered beautifully on time , and a royal bouquet !!!
    Thanks for the good delivery greetings Jan & Alida van Rietschoten

  2. Joke (verified owner) -

    the recipient was super happy with these very beautiful flowers,
    look very nice.

  3. Berber (verified owner) -

    Beautiful bouquet, delivered quickly

  4. Oswaldo -


  5. Nel Goedhart (verified owner) -

    Flowers are still good. Checked this.

  6. Riek Gerritsen (verified owner) -

    Beautiful forest and delivery on agreed date top

  7. Gerda (verified owner) -

    I have no idea about the order. Mrs did receive them and is happy with them. So I haven't seen them myself.

  8. Erna Beumer (verified owner) -

    Was very nice bouquet

  9. gideon fonge (verified owner) -

    it was super.

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