Stylish Autumn

The sun is low and nature is bathed in a warm golden glow. Tranquillity descends over the landscape. That's what Stylish Autumn stands for: a composition of brown-gold chrysanthemums and green leaves, with a bright orange gerbera here and there as a reminder of summer gone by.

Stylish Autumn

(5 customer reviews)

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* Depending on availability, the flowers may differ slightly from the photo

5 reviews for Stylish Autumn

  1. R.J. (verified owner) -

    Beautiful bouquet, ordered before 1pm and delivered same day.
    Fine then.

  2. Nelle Raaphorst (verified owner) -

    Excellent. Easy through the site and a beautiful bouquet.

  3. Wil Hoeijenbos (verified owner) -

    Flowers and delivery fine.
    Just would have liked an indication of expected delivery time
    I was now worried in the afternoon around 4pm that the delivery would not succeed and called.
    Not long after, the flowers were delivered.

  4. Oscar (verified owner) -

    Positive, also nice that it is delivered in person and not in a box.

    • Kelly Wiersema -

      Hi Oscar. Thanks!

  5. Nicoline (verified owner) -

    according to the recipient and his photo, a fresh and beautiful bouquet!

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