Winter Passion

Who says passion and love shouldn't flow richly in winter? Surprise your great love with this warm winter bouquet full of red flowers. Red, the colour of love.

Winter Passion

(10 customer reviews)

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* Depending on availability, the flowers may differ slightly from the photo

10 reviews for Winterpassie

  1. Hb (verified owner) -

    Ontvagster was very happy with this gorgeous bouquet

  2. Zainab (verified owner) -

    What a great bouquet, my aunt thought it was super beautiful.

  3. Fred -

    Friendly, personalised delivery.
    The bouquet was very beautiful and stayed beautiful for a very long time.

  4. Carolien (verified owner) -

    Very good

  5. Carlos Schouten (verified owner) -

    Was a beautiful bouquet and delivered on time. Thanks for the good handling. Definitely recommend!

  6. Ammerdorffer (verified owner) -

    Beautiful bouquet. Only delivered very late in the afternoon for a birthday.

  7. E. de Saegher (verified owner) -

    Very beautiful bouquet. My sister was surprised and delighted by it.

  8. am (verified owner) -

    grandiose bouquet is now full in buoy

  9. Daan (verified owner) -

    Recipient was very surprised.

  10. Quick (verified owner) -

    She was super happy with it

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